The trading coach Peter Bain has created a Forex trading method based mainly on pivot points. In this article, we are going to investigate his general trading approach.

The trading coach Peter Bain has created a Forex trading method based mainly on pivot points...

Highlights of the Peter Bain’s Trading Methods

  1. Calculate the Pivots Points based on the past 24 hours and the past 7 days (The average daily range has to be fulfilled before the session is over)
  2. Seek for price breakouts (trendlines/channels)
  3. Confirm with MACD divergences
  4. Identify chart and candlestick formations (double tops/bottoms, hammers, spinning tops, railway tracks, etc.)
  5. Focus on four charts (Daily, Hourly, 15-minutes and 5-minutes)
  6. Avoid trading during news releases as in this case, technical analysis becomes weak

Heikin-Ashi Forex Trading Strategy (Based on Joseph Nameth)

The following trading strategy aims to follow strong trends in the Foreign Exchange market. It is based on the daily Heikin-Ashi chart for identifying and confirming the trend, while the trigger is based on a Range/Renko chart. This strategy was originally presented by Joseph Nameth as a multi-timeframe trading strategy, however, for educational purposes, we are only using the Daily chart to make things easier.

The following Heikin-Ashi trading strategy aims to follow strong trends in the Foreign Exchange market...

Implementing the Trading Strategy in 3 Steps


  1. Determining a strong trend on a daily (D1) Heikin-Ashi chart (alternatively a 4-hour chart)
  2. Confirming the trend with the EMA(20)
  3. Using a trigger based on a Renko/Range chart

Building Customized IndicatorsBuilding Customized Indicators or EAs for Trading the Global Markets


There are many different ways to trade Forex currencies and CFDs. This article involves the development of customized automated strategies without the need for programming skills. These strategies can either be applied:

(i) manually, via the use of a custom indicator (Signals Machine)

(ii) automatically, via the use of an Expert Advisor (EA)


How to Create a Customized Indicator or an Expert Advisor (Robot) for Trading the Global Markets

An easy tool for the creation of custom trading strategies is the web app ExpertAdvisor Builder. This app requires no installation, and no programming skills, and it is free for creating indicators. If you want to build Expert Advisors (robots) you have to pay a one-time fee.

Note: The web application can be used for creating EAs or indicators for MT4, MT5, and Tradestation to trade Forex and CFDs.


(i) Creating Custom Indicators and Expert Advisors


Trading the global markets by using your customized indicators can lead to the creation of a complete trading system. To create a trading system you will also need some trading rules and a money management system.

The web app ExpertAdvisor Builder offers an extremely easy-to-use interface for creating indicators and you can use it for free. You can create an indicator based on tens of different variables and even create an extremely helpful alert system.


In the following example, we are going to create signals based on MACD (12,26,9)

  • A popular bullish/bearish indication is when the MACD signal line crosses above or below the MACD baseline in the H1/H4/D1 timeframes. Therefore, we are going to build an indicator that will alert us only when these particular conditions are met.

In the following image, you can see how easy it gets to create those conditions (1,2,3).

Creating Custom Indicator based on MACD

To create signals for both bullish and bearish markets based on MACD conditions you just have to create two different indicators. You can build much more sophisticated indicators by combining more complex conditions.

» Expert Advisor Builder Website (register for free)


The only requirement to create and use your new indicator is to have the MT4 platform installed in your PC. You can do that by opening a simple demo account with a Forex Broker, or you can open a real account and never fund it. So you can use the MT4 platform for free.

Choose any broker just for download and use the MT4 platform:

» Download MT4 from IC MARKETS

» Download MT4 from RoboForex

Trading Fx Currencies

Success in Currency Trading comes when experience meets perfect information...

Trading the Foreign Exchange Market

Focus constantly on improving your trading process and money will flow naturally:

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Trade ECN Forex

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Foreign Exchange

The Foreign Exchange Market is the largest Financial Market in the world with daily volumes of more than 4 trillion USD. When trading Forex you need a reliable and high-regulated Forex broker and a trading strategy that works:

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(v) Automated Forex Systems

Global Markets

Trading the Financial Markets requires a perfect understanding of how demand and supply shift from time to time. Equities tend to follow bullish cycles lasting 7-9 years, and after, bearish cycles lasting 3-4 years. Energies tend to follow annual time patterns while Precious Metals tend to follow longer time cycles:

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If you are a trader, learning is a non-stop process. CarryTrader offers a wide variety of educational resources including trade tools, techniques, and strategies:

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