The grand total of crypto market value has grown to more than 100 billion US Dollars

Seven (7) Innovative CryptoCurrencies

As most cryptocurrencies have soared nowadays, more and more investors tend to diversify their portfolios by including internet coins. The grand total of crypto market value has grown to more than 100 billion US Dollars. Bitcoin and Ethereum lead the way, but there are other interesting cryptocurrencies as well.

These are the seven (7) promising coins offering technological superiority (other than Ethereum):

  1. Zcash (ZEC)

  2. DigiByte (DGB)

  3. Golem (GNT)

  4. Stratis (STRAT)

  5. Sia (SC)

  6. Ripple (XRP)

  7. Gnosis (GNO)





(a) The figures for (i) price, (ii) volume, and (iii) market cap correspond to early July market data

(b) The market cap of each cryptocurrency is calculated based on the circulating supply of coins, and not on the total supply of coins

This is a detailed analysis of all seven (7) promising cryptocurrencies:



(1) Zcash (ZEC)

Released: 2016

CEO: Zooko Wilcox | @zooko

Total (MAX) Supply: 21,000,000 ZEC

Circulating Supply: 1,708,669 ZEC

Market Cap: USD $377.5 million 

Price: $221

30-day Volume: 1,000 million USD


  • Zcash is an anonymous and open-source cryptocurrency

  • Zcash is a decentralized coin that provides strong privacy protections

  • Zk-SNARK proof allows the Zcash network to support a secure ledger of balances without revealing any parties

  • Zcash was created by a public team and company (Zcash Electric Coin Company)


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EXCHANGES: Bitfinex | Bittrex | Bitsquare | Changelly | HitBTC | Kraken | ShapeShift | YUNBI


(2) DigiByte (DGB)

Released: 2014

CEO: Jared Tate | @jaredctate

Total Supply: 21 Billion DigiBytes in 21 Years (2035)

Circulating Supply: 8,742,253,657 DGB

Market Cap: USD 102.2 million

Price: $0.0117

30-day Volume: 401 million USD


  • DigiByte is a decentralized global blockchain which focuses on web security, web payments, and secure communications

  • DigiByte has adopted the Bitcoin "21" figure with over 5 algorithms to mine with (Scryt, Sha-256, Qubit, Skein, Groestl)


SEO Analysis: Alexa 63,000 | 89,300 Backlinks | 118 websites linking in

WALLETS: | PC, MAC, Android, Linux Wallets

EXCHANGES: Bittrex | | Poloniex | ShapeShift


(3) Golem (GNT)

Released: 2016

CEO: Julian Zawistowski | @julianzawist

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 GNT

Circulating Supply: 820,000,000 GNT

Market Cap: USD 243 million

Price: $0.292

30-day Volume: 285 million USD


  • Golem is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain

  • Golem is an open-sourced, decentralized supercomputer that anyone can access, from personal laptops to entire data centers

  • Anyone will be able to use Golem to compute any program in a completely decentralized and inexpensive way

  • Golem can be used to process any ‘big data’, for example, predict stock market movements, medical solutions etc.

  • Golem’s crowdfunding event became the second fastest in crypto history - $8.6 million in 29 minutes


SEO Analysis: Alexa 60,000 | 1,080,000 Backlinks | 43 websites linking in


EXCHANGES: Bittrex | Poloniex | Yunbi


(4) Stratis (STRAT)

Released: 2016

CEO: Chris Trew | @christrew

Total Supply: 98,457,628 STRAT

Circulating Supply: 98,457,628 STRAT

Market Cap: USD 346 million

Price: $3.51

30-day Volume: 385 million USD


  • Stratis is a direct competitor to Ethereum -The project is supported by Microsoft

  • Stratis uses C# and .Net development, offering the ability to code native decentralized apps in C#

  • Stratis is not coin but an end-to-end blockchain development platform allowing organizations to create private Blockchains in the form of side chains

  • Stratis recently announced its “Breeze Wallet” that aims to increase the privacy of both Bitcoin and Stratis users


SEO Analysis: Alexa 64,000 | 12,200 Backlinks | 73 websites linking in

WALLETS: | PC, MAC, and Unix Wallets

EXCHANGES: Bittrex | Cryptopia | Livecoin | Poloniex


(5) Sia (SC)

Released: 2016 (original idea 2013)

CEO: David Vorick | @DavidVorick

Total Supply: 27,634,100,205 SC

Circulating Supply: 27,634,100,205 SC

Market Cap: USD 370 million

Price: $0.0082

30-day Volume: 226 million USD


  • Sia is a cryptocurrency set to change enterprise cloud storage

  • Sia makes sure that your uploaded files are encrypted, broken up into tiny pieces and then spread across multiple hosts

  • Sia promises superior redundancy for your data (multiple copies of data are stored across multiple hosts)


SEO Analysis: Alexa: 34,000 | 1,540,000 Backlinks | 179 websites linking in

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(6) Ripple (XRP)

Released: 2012

CEO: Brad Garlinghouse | @bgarlinghouse

Total Supply: 99,994,578,575 XRP

Circulating Supply: 38,291,387,790 XRP

Market Cap: USD 8,330 million

Price: $0.218

30-day Volume: 4,950 million


  • Ripple is a real-time gross settlement system (RTGS), currency exchange and remittance network

  • Ripple enables global banks to settle cross-border payments in real time

  • Ripple offers low-cost international payments used by companies such as UniCredit, UBS, and Santander

  • Ripple’s structure doesn’t require mining, and that means reduced computing power and latency


SEO Analysis Alexa: 13,000 | 29,600,000 Backlinks | 210 websites linking in

WALLETS: | Eobot | PC, MAC, and Unix Wallets

EXCHANGES: Anxpro | Bter | Bittrex | Bitfinex | Kraken | Poloniex | Jubi


(7) Gnosis (GNO)

Released: 2017


Total Supply: 10,000,000 GNO

Circulating Supply: 1,104,590 GNO

Market Cap: USD 279 million

Price: $253

30-day Volume: 119 million USD


  • Gnosis is based on the Ethereum

  • The Gnosis platform enables anyone to speculate on any future events and get rewards for accurate predictions

  • Gnosis provides its own platform for the creation of DApps


SEO Analysis: Alexa: 80,300 | 216,000 Backlinks | 66 websites linking in


EXCHANGES: Bittrex | Cryptopia | Poloniex




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Final Thoughts

Some cryptocurrencies look very promising, but unfortunately, they are all very expensive. My advice to investors is to wait for a massive correction before buying any cryptocoin. The market values at this moment are extreme and irrational. Projects that have cost 2-3 million dollars in 2016 now worth 350 million dollars. Many coins have seen a more than 2,000% increase in 2017, and that fact itself speaks of a bubble.

The demand for cryptocurrencies is increasingly high, but do not forget that the crypto market has no barriers to entry/exit. No barriers to entry mean increased competition (supply) in the future. There are more than 1,000 cryptocoins today but there could be 10,000 cryptocoins in the next 3 years. The demand is strong but the supply is unlimited. Nobody can stop the supply.

In overall, the keys to successful crypto-investments are:

  • Patience for a strong correction

  • Choosing coins based on their future technological superiority

  • Choosing coins based on their management background


EXCHANGES: » LiveCoin | » CEXIO | » EXMO | » SpectroCoin | » LocalBitcoins



Seven (7) Innovative CryptoCurrencies

George P.

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